Hello! As you can see my name is Cameron, and at ifixit I work in the kitting department making sure that all the kits you buy from us have no issues, and have the correct stuff in them. I am the main guy for when it comes to testing and QA'ing all of our iphone batteries that go out! Any time you buy a kit, or parts it's most likely been handled by me in one way or another!

Outside of my life at ifixit i'm still very much interested in the tech industry. I love building computers for me and my friends. In my free time I will go to goodwill, pick up broken monitors, blu-ray players, Tv's, and many more random electronics to fix them and resell them as a little side hobby! I also play games, and hope to one day make one of my own! For the fellow gamers in the ifixit community my top 3 favorite games are:

1. Nier: Automata

2. Ori and the Blind Forest ( My cats name is Ori )

3. Borderlands 2/Pre sequel

I also pixel art in my spare time as another little side hobby, and ill post some pictures of my work below!

Block Image
Block Image
Block Image
Block Image
Block Image


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