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I'm into pretty much everything, it seems. I enjoy art. I enjoy music. I myself am a musician. I started out playing the violin when I was about 6, then moved to piano. I taught myself guitar when I was 12. About the same time, I was learning the trombone. From there, I learned to translate slide position to valves and learned trumpet. Somewhere in there I tried my hand at saxophone, albeit relatively unsuccessfully.

Meanwhile, as all this is going on, I'm a computer/science/math nerd. My first computer was a Commodore 64. I learned Basic on that (pekes and pokes and yada yada yada). I programmed my first "text-based adventure" when I was about 11, I suppose. Eventually, we got a PC in the house. I remember it being a pretty hi-tech machine, too! If I remember correctly, it had a 20MB HDD, 33MHz processor (with a math-co-processor!), and a 7800 baud fax modem. Pretty awesome stuff! Aside from doing school work, I used it to play Chuck Yeager's Air Combat and Castle Wolfenstein 3D until my fingers were blistered and my eyes bled. I also spent a pretty good amount of time on BBS'.

I also helped out in the garage doing oil changes, tire rotations, various inspections and even helped out with a water pump on a '63 GMC dump body truck we used for construction.

I suppose it would be said that I enjoy learning new things. I'm always willing to shut up and listen to someone when they have something to impart.

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