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My name is Katelyn Root-Nelson I am a student at Eastern Washington University. This is my first year at Eastern, however I have the same amount of credits as a sophomore. I am pursuing a nursing degree with a minor in psychology. I plan on graduating in the class of 2022. However, with the program I am pursuing being so competitive this is only a tentative date. I have the experience of helping my older brother build his original desktop. As well as, helped him update it when he changed the shell and addition of fans. I am a frequent outdoors person I love to hike, fish, and ride four-wheelers. Also, I participate in 4-H showing swine and rabbits. I own English lops and their prime quality is having ears larger than twenty-two inches in length from ear tip to ear tip. Also I help at the library in the elementary in my hometown, doing anything from reading to the kids to shelving books.

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