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School— Hello, my name is Jameson Spitz and I am a second year Mechanical Engineering students at California State Polytechnic University.

Major—I picked Mechanical Engineering because I want to apply my creative, problem solving skills to real world problems. I enjoy working through tough problems both by testing myself, and working with a dedicated team. It is the camaraderie and sensation of improving the world that I chase.

Aspirations—I want to learn about mechatronics, eventually working on electrical/mechanical systems in the work force. I’d like to work on projects that benefit a large scale amount of people.

Skills—I am an extremely motivated, hard worker. In team settings, I am very good at lightening the mood, but at the same time focusing everyone in.

Projects/accomplishments—I designed and built a 3D model of a Ski Resort that won 2nd Place in the California State fair.

Accolades—I won back to back titles of Varsity Tennis most inspirational team member.

Groups/memberships— I am a member of the Cal Poly climbing team.

Hobbies—In my spare time I love doing physical activities. Anything from working out, playing tennis, soccer, climbing, or any other sport. It is an added bonus doing these things with my friends.

How does this project relate to you?—This project is a good introduction into real world technical writing. It will test my ability to communicate clearly in my writing and speak to the audience. It will also test my team management skills, as there many factors going into this project that must be organized.

Any other fun facts you’d like to add?—I have a 120 pound golden doodle named Cooper. I once scored a soccer goal while doing a back flip.