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School - Cal Poly, SLO

Major - Computer Engineering, I choose this major because of my interest in coding, but I also wanted to maintain a side in engineering

Aspirations — Be able to work in a technical position that allows me to better my people skills as well as my engineering skills.

Skills — Python, Java, Data Structures/Object Orientated Programing, Public Speaking

Projects/accomplishments—worked with PCB boards on lighting systems, repaired/built computers

Repair experience — I’ve upgraded/replaced memory in a few laptops, and have done data recovery from broken PC’s

Groups/memberships— Backpacking Club

Hobbies — Climbing/Backpacking

How does this project relate to you?—This Project will allow me to use technical writing skills to better convey complex ideas to a larger range of audiences.

Any other fun facts you’d like to add? — According to my Spotify Account I listen to an average of 3-4 hours of music a day

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