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Welcome to my profile!

My name is Kathryn Wagoner, I am currently a junior at Idaho State University majoring in English, with a concentration in Professional Writing. I am also pursuing a minor in marketing.

I chose to major in English because communication is a vital element of human interaction. By being a more effective writer, I hope to be a stronger communicator that can work successfully with a wide variety of audiences. My goal is to pursue a career in writing, whether it be through technical writing, or content writing and marketing.

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Skills and Abilities:

As an intern for the English and Philosophy Department at Idaho State University, my responsibilities include working collaboratively on projects, designing a video to advertise the department, and creating posters to market events. These projects have given me the opportunity to expand on my abilities in ways that my education alone could not.

My video project has been especially beneficial for enhancing my editing skills. This project has required me to become familiar with specific editing software, in order to create an impactful final product. The project has also strengthened my organization and time management skills, because I need to keep track of where all my video clips and files are located.

The posters I’ve created for events have also enhance my abilities, because they require a lot of collaboration. In order to get my posters approved, I need to submit them to the branding committee at Idaho State, who reviews them to make sure the content adheres to the brand guidelines, while still being visually appealing. When I get their feedback, I often have to make changes and revisions to my work, but I understand this is necessary to make the poster as high-quality as possible. Here is an example of a poster I worked with the brand committee to make:

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My experiences as an intern have cultivated and strengthened my abilities as a visual communicator. Additionally, I look forward to seeing how my work through iFixit will heighten my skills as a technical communicator.


Outside of school and work, I enjoy spending time with my husband Josh, and my cat Franklin. Most of our time together is spent playing video games like Minecraft. Josh and I also enjoy going to the gym, which Franklin is unfortunately excluded from. He doesn’t seem to mind though, especially if we spend time playing with him at home.

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