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I love to fix things, probably because I was always really good at breaking them. I was barely 3 years old when I got my first video game system: the Sega Genesis. It inspired me to build small electronics projects with my dad, just simple circuits like transistor radios and such. Fast forward 15 years and I was spending my days in a windowless shop with 20 ex-military technicians working on analog aircraft computers, only to go home and spend the rest of the evening tinkering with custom distortion circuits for my guitar.

Going to college for Electrical Engineering was like a nice vacation from my work schedule. After all that time replacing popped capacitors and hunting down burnt op-amps, I decided I much preferred the open-ended creativity of software, so I made the switch to Computer Engineering. Now I'm able to mix my natural inclination toward electronics with my passion for software development: iFixit is a dream come true for me!

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