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I am a student attending EWU, where I plan to major in Physical Therapy and minor in Exercise Science. This is my first year here at EWU but not my first year of college, during high school I participated in running start at PPCC in Colorado. I am also enrolled in the EWU ROTC program where I am taught to become a future leader in the U.S. Army. I plan to graduate in the year 2025 with a doctorate in physical therapy. I will then serve for a minimum of 8 years in the military before I can become a Physical Therapist. I feel that I have some experience when it comes to DIY, repairing, and tools because I was raised on a ranch where I had to use and become familiar with many tools. I feel this will be beneficial due to my understanding of how things work and how to use the right tolls to fix or dismantle an object.