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My name is Arthur McPeak and I attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ where I study Mechanical Engineering with a focus on propulsion.

I have extensive experience with several CAD programs including Catia and Solidworks. Last semester I helped make the OML(Outer Mold Line) of a SR-71A in Catia with a laser-cut model you can see below.

Block Image

On campus I participate in several clubs including our Rocket Development Lab, Redline Racing Division (Formula SAE), and the Ultimate Frisbee Club. I am also involved on research on campus that is looking into ablative materials for application in liquid rocket engines. As part of that research I have worked with our test cell we have on campus, below you can see an ablative chamber attached to the test cell before testing.

Block Image

I have extensive experience disassembling things starting as a child, as I grew up i switched from using a sledgehammer to less destructive methods. eventually i could get almost anything apart and back together without difficulty.