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Hello! My name is Megan Phinney. I am a second-year at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, studying Software Engineering. I decided to pursue software engineering because I enjoy working with computers and other devices, and I enjoy coding. I have received the Pathfinder’s Scholarship from my institution, as well as the Dean’s Scholarship, and the Women of Excellence Scholarship. I also signed a STEM letter of intent at the Museum of Flight in Seattle sponsored by the Boeing Company. In the past, I have interned for a company called Pacific Aerospace and Electronics, where I was an engineering intern. The first picture is a picture of me during my internship putting together an AC Inductive Reactor used to control current for testing electronic components.

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I enjoy reading, listening to music, and skiing, and the second picture is taken from the back of the ski resort near my home in Washington. I have a bit of experience in repairing cars and have helped my father replace the axle on our jeep (the third picture is me changing the oil in my car). I have often fixed my personal computers both from a hardware and a software standpoint, such as changing RAM and the like. I have skills in both MATLAB and C programming, as well as a dash of HTML. I took German for three years and was a teacher’s assistant in the class for a fourth.