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Hi there! My name is Li Xu who is a big fan of modern technologies. I am currently attending York University with a major in Information Technology. Before that, I was graduated from Centennial College with a major in Software Engineering.

1. School

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2. Major

  • Information Technology Honours BA.

I am studying this program because I am a big fan of modern technology.

3. Aspirations

I want to be a contractor or freelance developer who can work from home and save time on the daily commute and traffic. So I can have more time doing my work and my side projects.

4. Skills

  • Ethical Hacker
  • Computer Music Editor

I am an ethical hacker who can help my future employer to seek the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of their information systems.

5. Projects

I have done may side projects, most of my projects are web apps. There is the latest project that I am currently working on is collecting all Canadian High Schools, Colleges and Universities data and showing them on a map.

6. Repair experience

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I have two broken cellphones that I fixed before, one iPhone 5s and one iPhone 6s. I was following the screen replacement process from Youtube to fixe both the phone’s screen.

7. Accolades

  • Centennial College Hackathon (2015)

8. Groups/memberships

  • AITP (Associate Information Technology Professional) Certification (2017)

9. Hobbies

  • Computer Multiplayer Game
  • Coding
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I am a big fan of the web developer, so I just siting in my cozy computer room to do my side projects.

10. Fun fact about me

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I never go to bed before 12:00 am.