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High everybody! I’m Nick and I am a second-year engineering student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In high school I worked with a local water well maintenance company where my main role was to remove, fix and, replace well pumps and other water systems. Other responsibilities of mine included trouble shooting electrical issues within houses. I was also a member of a FRC robotics team where I worked with many materials from rubber to Lexan and aluminum. Furthermore, during my time with the team I also worked with electronics. In terms of personal projects, I have put together my own Bluetooth speaker from an old 90s stereo and a broken Bluetooth speaker box. I also made my own drone using Arduino components and motors bought off Amazon.

Work in both robotics and my high school job gave me much “in the field” experience. Furthermore, they both gave me practice in critical thinking. Specifically, in thinking about how I will complete projects from a physical standpoint whether that be thinking about clearance of wrenches or about the location of the project. The current project I am working on will help others who don’t want to spend over $100 for a fix that can be done very easily by yourself. This mentality is what makes the project important to me as it is a mentality that I often agree with. Additionally, the project will improve my technical communication which is a very valuable skill for anybody to have. The skill allows you to express your ideas effectively and what use are good ideas if you can’t express them.

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Some things that I like to do include playing guitar both acoustic and electric. I started on acoustic so its my favorite but I do enjoy a good electric lick every now and then. I also enjoy taking pictures of the places I travel to. Below is a picture I took last November in Charleston, South Carolina.

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