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- a picture of me on my first flight.

Hello, my name is Rafael Ruiz. I’m currently a sophomore at Embry riddle aeronautical university. Perusing a major in aeronautical science as well as a flight minor. My love for aviation started when I was a young man. I would sit for hours on end at the end of a runway watching airplanes come in for a landing. I remember how amazed I was to see a Boeing 747 fly.



As I peruse a minor if flight, I hope to one day be a commercial pilot for FedEx or American airlines. This would be a milestone in my career as well as in my life. It would be accomplishing my biggest goal. I love flight and how we as humans are capable of defying gravity and have machines that weigh tons yet fly like birds and can take you from one side of the globe to the other.



My skill level when it comes to being able to repair an item is very high. Since I was young, I was though by my father to find a way to extend the life of the things I possessed. From toys to bicycles I have fixed. During high school, I was enrolled in an aircraft technician school. Called George T. Baker. There I received training on sketching a blueprint in order to manufacture an item or to be used as a concept. I have also received training in welding.



From a very young age, I have been familiar with working on automobile combustion engines, as well as woodworking and sheet metal. I have also worked on complex electrical circuits. I have also worked on numerous amounts of projects from rebuilding an entire engine short block. Which requires precision and carefully following instructions. To create a storage shed out of wood, metal, and plastic from scratch with no instructions or guide.


Repair experience

I once had to take the old ac vent from my car which was cracked and brittle. I had to use a caliper to measure its dimensions and with the use of solid works and some basic measuring, I was able to create a digital rendering on my computer. After I was able to send the file to a 3d printer and build myself a fully functioning and same size vent for the fraction of the cost buying one would cost. I’m also currently working on reassembling the engine for my car and I’m very excited to see how much more I learn and what new things I’ll discover.



I prefer to spend my free time working on my motorcycle. Perform routine maintenance, fixing broken parts, as well as riding it. I get to strengthen my knowledge and understand of my motorcycle as well as how things operate within it. I learn so much from it, that I’m able to switch out the complete rear subframe assembly within 20 mins and without the use of the service manual. However, the most important lesson has been to spot and read instructions when doing something new. It will save time, money, and sometimes save you from being frustrated

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-a picture of my motorcycle when I first got it.