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Salutations, my name is Prabdil Sandhu and I am a Computer Engineering Major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. My love for computers emerged when my family bought its first PC, an old Sony VAIO running Windows XP on dial-up internet. Despite how miserably slow this old hunk of junk was, I was utterly infatuated, and the rest is history.

While I wouldn’t call myself technically adept quite yet, I have done a few repairs in the past. A lot of these repairs were pretty bog standard, replacing hard drives or cleaning fans, things like that. I have also built a few computers, so while I may not be adept, I’m certainly not afraid to get my hands dirty and open the black box of modern technology.

Being a generally camera shy person, I do not currently possess any images relevant to me and the iFixIt project, so here are some choice photos of my dog Kirby.

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