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Hi! My name is Yi Wang. I’m from China. I’m a first year Biomedical Engineering Master’s student at Duke University.

  • Aspiration

My first interest in the medical field was raised when I was around age ten, watching the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”, when I first got a sense on doctors on human life. I kept this enthusiasm all the way through high school. When my grandfather was diagnosed with end stage liver cancer, within a year he passed away. There was nothing anyone could do for him when he was diagnosed. At that time, I realized traditional medicine has limitations. Thus, my interests switched to biomedical engineering, to make innovations, seek ways to treat impossible diseases, and have actual impact on treating ailments that traditional medicine cannot. Additionally, I decided to do a minor in Japanese. Because I’m interested in Japanese culture and because I’m considering working in Japan. I began learning Japanese by myself in high school and passed the highest level Japanese proficiency test before I went to college.

  • Skills
    • English & Japanese (Fluent)
    • Python
    • MATLAB
    • R
    • Microsoft Office
  • Hobbies
    • Playing bassoon and flute
    • Singing
    • Reading
    • Playing video games

I’m new to repairing. But I’m excited to create iFixit repair guide for Blu Energy X LTE.