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Hey! My name is Cody Glassman and I’m a junior at University of California, Davis.


My interest has always lied with problem solving through computing. Because of this I started to pursue a degree in Computer Science at Mt. San Jacinto Community College two years ago. From there I transferred to UC Davis, I plan to finish my degree here next year.

Repair Experience

I don’t have any formal repair experience, but I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with things as a kid (mostly electronics). In fact, I even remember breaking a few things. By participating in this project I expect to learn a great deal about writing repair guides. Maybe i’ll even become a contributor!


I’ve designed a few websites for clients portfolios. I also contribute to a couple open sourced projects and have written an arsenal of modding tools for a variety of Bethesda games. Because of this, I’m not entirely new to the whole technical writing scene.


I love making video games beautiful! I spend a lot of time modding old games from my childhood, like Morrowind. I create my own models, textures, shaders and make all my friends jealous! You’ll see one such transformation below.

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