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At UC Davis, I am finishing up my fourth year at UC Davis studying Economics and Technology Management. My major provides me a theoretical background to understand how any market effects society. Additionally, my minor is like a mini-MBA and provides me hard skills I will use in my profession!


After graduation, I will be joining Accenture as a Management Consulting Analyst. It will provide me a great foundation to support a variety of clients to drive innovation forward. I am passionate about empowering women in the workplace and hope to combine this passion in everything I do.

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My business group, Davis Women in Business, hosts OWN IT. It is an annual empowerment conference that allows attendees to network with high level professionals from many fields.


I love writing manuals and guidelines – I know, it sounds crazy! I wrote a policy and procedure manual for a synagogue in the Bay Area. I worked closely with the Office of Emergency Services to review and approve my work, and this document is still in use today! I also wrote 20 pages of by-laws for my women’s business organization which we continuously update every year.

Skills and Interests

Excel, PowerPoint, R-Studio, Stata, Adobe XD, Project Management, Public Speaking, Program Development, Technical Writing, Organizational Design, Organizational Policy, Leadership Styles, Women’s Empowerment, Design Thinking.

Awards and Organizations

·       President – Davis Women in Business

·       Vice President - #include at UC Davis

·       Board Member – Club Finance Council

·       Dean’s List – F’17, W’18, S’18, W’19, F’19

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Here is a photo of me and my amazing Davis Women in Business director team@



On my free time, I always find time to paint. My room at school is only decorated by own paintings. Happy to chat about this season’s Bachelor!


 Connect with me on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/zoe-estelle-fox

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