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Hello! My name is Lucero Cortes Vitervo. I am an English and Cinema and Digital Media double major at the University of California, Davis. Since childhood, I have been fascinated with images and storytelling. Coming from a background in which three cultures — Mixtec, Mexican, and American — have dominated my life, media in-text and on-screen has been a meeting point for all three.

I am currently a part of Aggie Studios, a student-run video production studio, where I am a video editor. I have completed videos focusing on university clubs and events for and about students. I am also a writing tutor which I view as a continuation of my interest in editing.

Aside from editing media and text, I also dabble in graphic design and coding. In my spare time, I love to read, free write, and take walks.

My experience in repair has been minimal, though I have been hand sewing since third grade when I made my first quilt. With this technical guide project, I hope to gain more hands-on experience in electronic repair.

After college, I hope to continue doing what I love: writing, editing, and creating.