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Welcome to apple repair centre's ifixit profile,

Apple repair centre was formed in 2010 and is based in irthlingborough in Northamptonshire, we formed the company in order to give Northamptonshire and the people of the uk a reputable repair shop initially only for iphone, ipod and ipad repairs, When we realized the business was going to be a success we decided to take on other brands also Now we repair almost every mainstream phone or tablet and even computers both windows and mac.

Apple repair centre has four members of staff three of which have been repairing computer and mobile devices for well over 10 years so they know their stuff. Apple repair centre has had hundreds of broken iphones, ipads, ipods, macs, samsungs lg's and more through our doors and virtually all of them have left fully repaired and looking good as new. Apple repair centre prides itself on it's employee's vast knowledge of electrical's and its attention to detail when coming to repairing these expensive devices.

we offer both postal and local repair service here at apple repair centre, both of which are fully licensed and insured to do so, we are the number one choice for all repairs including games consoles and digital camera's we will repair them all. Apple repair centre has the equipment and facilities to do nearly all repairs including apple repair centre micro soldering repairs.

at apple repair centre we get a lot of repairs through our doors and occasionally we do get some repairs which we cant do...... but, apple repair centre has a long list of other reputable repair shops that specialise in the repairs that we don't do, so if we cant do it we can still help you get your device back up and running again by sending your device in to one of our partner companies..... one way or another apple repair centre will have your iphone, ipod ipad etc. back working the way it should be.