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School - University of Advancing Technology

Major(s) - Artificial Intelligence and Game Design

My majors were chosen due to my interest in them, Artificial intelligence due to its up and coming nature in products and Game Design so that I could incorporate the two of them together.

Skills - C++, HTML, Python, Minor Javascript work

Projects - Personal website, Costume Design Work

Repair Experience - I have fixed a few items, My personal computer, Phone, and Oculus Rift.

Accolades - Choir letter, Band letter, 1st place of Fall of 2019’s UAT Mark Tank.

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( Myself with Mark and my instructor)

Groups - None at the moment

Hobbies - D&D, Drawing, Costume Design, Choir.

This Project is meant to teach me the ways of technical writing, and only currently relates to me by allowing me to work with my hands in this class.