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Greetings! I am a computer engineering student at the University of Memphis. I have a passion for music and technology, even more so combining the two.

My Future:

In the future, I wish to work in the music industry. I want nothing more to have a hand in designing the gear that musicians everywhere use.


  • Soldering
  • Programming languages including Java, JavaScript, C#, and Matlab
  • Basic circuit analysis



Block Image

This is a Epiphone Les Paul I have been modifying throughout the years. I first engraved Norse runes into it using a dremel tool. The runes were then filled with a resin containing a glow in the dark powder. The picture below it shows the runes glowing. I still have a lot if work to do on it before it will be playable, but I have really enjoyed it, so far.

Block Image

This is not the only project I have done, It is just one of my favorites.


Aside from music, I also engage in other forms of art. Such as writing and painting. Video games also make up a large part of my life.

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