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School - York University

Accolades - Accolade sounds like it’s just a fancy word for awards. I haven’t done too much, but the closest thing to an award I’ve gotten is 3rd place in a computer repair competition.

Hobbies -

  1. Games - I play a lot of video games. Which leads to me being on the computer for hours each day. With classes being online for 2020, I’m on my computer longer than I’ve ever been before. The thing is when it comes to playing games is I’m practically required to know the components of a computer. There are many times when one must consider whether or not their computer can handle something. So I have a decent amount of experience with computer components software.
  2. VTubers - This is probably a rather weird thing to put in my list of hobbies, but a large part of me is telling me I have to put this in. I watch a good amount of VTubers. Possibly too much…
  3. Anime/Manga - Back in middle school, anime dominated my free time. This often took more time than anything else in my life. Now in University, that has switched to manga since manga is much easier to put down and pick up later.

Repair Experience - When it comes to repairing things, the experience I have all goes to computers. I’ve had computer break on my friends and I multiple times. Thus, I’ve had a decent amount of experience putting together, fixing, and/or taking apart computers.

Fun Fact? - I enjoy singing, so if you knew me in person, you may find me singing at random times because I find it fun.

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This is my dog. I love my dog. That is all. —>

<— I also enjoy doing a little photography, so I know things about that. However, cameras are expensive and I don’t do it often or well enough to spend that much money. This is a picture I took of my friend trying to mimic a rather popular anime.

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