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Grand Valley State University


Business marketing


Gaining to become a well rounded marketer while having a passion for telling a story for each product I have the pleasure to work on.


  • MS suite
  • Time management
  • Wix web design
  • Team oriented
  • Street marketing communications
  • Customer service
  • Survey Monkey

* Facebook business

  • Social media content creator


Managing Active Commute Week, Facebook page (2019)

Active Commute Week, Wix website (2019)

Street Marketing for DASH, AVGR, and MobileGR Grand Rapids (2018-2020).

Repair Experience

Trouble shoot…

  • iPhone XS Max through Recovery Mode and DFU Mode to fix boot loop issue.
  • Macbook Pro 16-inch (2019) recovery mode, safe mode, reset NVRAM, and launching Apple Diagnostics to fix a software issue where the macbook crashed consistently.
  • Screen replaced iPhone 4s.


I enjoy running during the summer afternoons while listening to new genres of music from Spotify. Movies and video games have also been a part of my life. I mostly watch action, adventure, and suspense movies. While for video games, I enjoy playing FPS, puzzles, open world, and racing games. Lastly, I have been enjoying collecting funko pops that represents my childhood.

Personally working on a project would benefit me by learning, growing, and becoming conscious of tech repair. Essentially reducing my e-waste and saving money altogether, rather than buying a whole new product and adding more waste onto the planet. Professionally it would benefit me by learning how to become a better writer, communicator, and designer.