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Hi there. We're the IT Department at Denver Academy. Located in Denver, Colorado, DA is one of the leading schools for students with learning differences in the United States. Three people make up the department - only two of us are in the goofy profile pic. Can you guess who? Betcha can't!!. We have various strengths, skill sets, and niche interests; when we put our heads together I'm pretty sure we're smarter than *your* IT department.

DA has approximately 370 students in grades 1-12 that utilize the Macs in our labs. We have 4 labs of iMacs (total of 51 iMacs), 2 labs and 15 kiosks of Mac Minis (total of 44 Minis). We have a 1:1 iPad program for our students in grades 7-12. We also have two iPad carts for our elementary school. Each of our 70 faculty has a MacBook and an iPad. Grand totals: 51 iMacs, 15 Mac Minis, 70 MacBooks, 5 MacBook Pros, 90 iPads (there are also 300 student-owned iPads on campus).

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