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Acer Aspire S3 MS2346 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting page for Acer Aspire S3 MS2346.

Blue Screen

The machine powers on but you are met with a blue screen. This can happen at start-up or randomly during regular use.

Software Issue(s)

The most general cause of a blue screen, or “blue screen of death”, is software-related issues, the most common of which is corrupted files on the operating system drive or faulty hardware drivers. It is worth ensuring that the issue is not software-related before attempting hardware solutions.

Faulty Memory

Faulty memory or RAM in the laptop can cause a failure to load the operating system. This often causes a “blue screen of death”. The RAM, if not soldered to the motherboard, will need to be replaced.

Laptop Does Not Hold a Charge

The laptop dies quickly despite being recently charged.

Faulty Battery

A laptop dying quickly after a charge is most commonly due to a faulty battery or a short circuit in the motherboard. The battery will need to be replaced. [Guide Stub]

Short Circuit in the Motherboard

When the motherboard short circuits or there is a faulty connection between the battery and the board, the laptop may fail to hold a charge. In this case, the motherboard will need to be replaced. [Guide Stub]

Laptop Does Not Turn On

The machine does not power on despite indication light showing a charge.

Motherboard Not Receiving Power

When the motherboard does not receive enough power, caused either by a short circuit or a faulty connection between the battery and the board, the laptop will fail to boot. In this case, the motherboard will need to be replaced. [Guide Stub]

Improperly Seated Components

If components such as the RAM, hard drive (or SSD), or CPU are not seated properly on or connected to the motherboard, the laptop will fail to boot, and potentially not turn on. The components will need to be reseated; if damage is found on a component, it will need to be replaced. [Guide Stub]

Keyboard Does Not Respond

The keyboard does not respond when pressed.

Loose Keyboard Connection Cable

If you press a key on the keyboard with no response from the computer, you may have a faulty keyboard or keyboard connection cable. Often times the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard can come loose, or unplugged. If the cable is damaged, the keyboard will need to be replaced. [Guide Stub]

Screen Flickers On and Off

Screen flickers on and off

Faulty Connection Cables

Often times when a screen flickers on and off, it is due to a faulty connection cable between the motherboard and the screen. The cable will need to be reseated. If the cable is damaged or reseating the cable does not fix the issue, then the screen will need to be replaced. [Guide Stub]

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