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Acer Travelmate 220

Trouble Shooting Guide

Frequent Customer Problems

Computer does not start up after pressing power button

-If Power indicator is not lit

-Check if the battery is out of charge by plugging it in. Power may drain even when the computer is not running.

-Make sure the plug is properly engaged in all cord interchanges. The cord can easily be undone in a wall jack, at the DC to AC adapter, or into the computer itself

’’’ -If the Power indicator is lit ’’’

-If your computer is in “Sleep” mode, the sleep indicator will be lit and any button can be pushed to awaken it

-Eject any floppy disk in the floppy drive. A non-system diskette may be a factor with the computer not booting. Proceed with Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart your system.

-The operating system file may be damaged or missing. The startup disk during Windows setup can be inserted into the floppy drive (proceeded with Ctrl+Alt+Del) to diagnose the system and fixes necessary problems.

Your screen is blank

-The computer will act efficiently by darkening the screen after an extended period of time to save energy. The press of any key will bright the display back.

-If the press of a key does not work, two simple fixes are the option

-The brightness level can be adjusted by Fn+→ (increase) to increase the brightness of the display.

-If the display is set to a different monitor, the toggle hot key can solve the problem. Fn+F5 will bring the display back to your computer.

-Your image is not full-screen

-Right-click on your Windows desktop and select Properties to bring up the Display Properties dialog box. Click the Settings tab to make sure the resolution is set to 1024x768. Anything less is not full-screen.

No audio is heard from computer

-Check the following

-If the volume is muted, a volume symbol will be crossed out in your Windows volume control icon (in taskbar). Click on icon to un-mute the computer.

-If the speakers are turned off, you will need to press Fn+F8 to turn them back on.

-The volume will need to be turned up if it is set too low. The control knob is on the left panel of the computer and will need to be turned to the left.

-The speakers will automatically turn off if headphones are connected. Make sure all external hearing devices are unplugged from the line-out port.

The CD or DVD drive cannot access a disc

-Check the following:

-Check to see that your computer has the proper equipment to be supported by the drive. If your computer has a CD-ROM drive, it can read only CDs and not DVDs. If your computer has a DVD drive, it can read DVDs in addition to CDs.

-When you place the CD or DVD in the tray make sure that it is upright and safely secured in the spindle on the drive tray

-Check for scratches or smudges that may appear on the CD or DVD. If the CD/DVD has scratches or smudges then clean it using a disk cleaning kit. Pay close attention to the instructions that come with the disk cleaning kit.

The keyboard does not respond

-Try to attach an external keyboard to the PS/2 connector found in the computer’s rear. If this works, contact your dealer as the internal keyboard cable may be loose.

-If the serial mouse does not work.

-Check that the serial cable is plugged into the serial port securely.

-During the POST, press F2 to access the BIOS Utility to check that the serial port is enabled.

I want to eject the CD or DVD tray without turning on the power. I cannot eject the CD or DVD tray

-Next to the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive there is a small button. Insert the tip of a paperclip or pen and push to eject the tray (example given below).

The floppy drive cannot access a diskette

-Check the following:

-Check that the diskette is properly inserted in the floppy drive.

-Check that the diskette is formatted.

-Check that the diskette is clean. If the diskette is dirty, follow the instructions included with the floppy diskette kit.

The printer does not work

-Check the following:

-Check that the printer is connected to the power outlet and that the outlet is turned on.

-Check that the printer cable is connected correctly to the port.

-During POST, press F2 to access the BIOS Utility and see that the port is enabled.

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no lights to indicate the laptop is on, laptop will not power up even after taking the battery out and putting it back in no charge light or low power light any one with any ideas please.

tarz50 - Ответить

My Acer 220 cannot be on without the AC adapter plugged in. The battery is fine and the computer says that it is charging, but the light the shows that it is charging doesn’t come on. pls halp

Typewriter Mania - Ответить

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