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Asus F554LA-WS52 Troubleshooting

Overheating Device

Your computer is hot and isn’t operating properly and/or shuts off without notification.

Dust in Vents or Fans

Computers can overheat due to a buildup of dust and other sediment that has accumulated in the vents and/or fan. A careful shot of compressed air can be used to blow the dust off the vents and fan.

Placement of Laptop

If the computer is on a soft surface, such as a pillow, it may be blocking the fan’s intake port. The safest place to avoid overheating for a laptop is on a hard surface such as a table.

Outdoor usage

Leaving a computer outside or in a vehicle can cause it to heat up. If not already done, shut the laptop down and place inside in a cool area. Wait approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour before further usage. Cooling pads for laptops can also be purchased.

Touchpad is not working

Touchpad is not responding or does not recognize that you are trying to use the cursor with your finger.

Is the touchpad disabled?

During updates, touchpads can be disabled temporarily. In order to enable the touchpad. Press and hold the windows key. In the search box type “touchpad”. Touch or click Touchpad settings. Look for the toggle on/off button. Click “enable touchpad”.

Dust or Dirt on the Touchpad

Make sure there is no dust or dirt present on the touchpad. Dust and dirt accumulation on the touchpad can cause the touchpad to not respond or recognize that you are trying to use it. Simply take a damp wipe and lightly wipe the touchpad to remove the dust or dirt.

No Sound

There is no sound coming from your computer.

Volume is Muted

In the bottom right corner taskbar of your screen, find the volume icon (For Windows, a speaker with reverb), then click on it. If there is a red cancel symbol or X, the volume is muted. Click the volume icon to turn on sound.

An External Device/Accessory was Plugged In

You may have to select the external device/accessory as the main audio source. Find the volume icon in the bottom right taskbar, click, and then select the new item. If there is still no audio, restart the page or app you are attempting to use. If this doesn’t work, restart the computer.

Loose Headphone Jack

Test audio through the computer speakers, then test it using headphones. If the audio is only distorted while listening via headphones, the audio jack or the headphones themselves may be faulty. Audio that cuts in and out is often a sign of a loose audio jack, so make sure the audio jack is fully inserted in the computer.

Blank/Black Screen

The screen on your laptop does not show the normal start up images or instead shows a black screen.

Computer has a Dead Battery

Plug your laptop into a wall outlet that is fully functional using its proper charging cord, wait a couple of minutes to allow the battery to charge enough to enable a successful boot. If the battery is dead, this could be the reason why there is a blank/black. Double check to make sure the battery is not dead.

Screen is Disabled

Your screen may be disabled. Press the screen enable/disable button on your keyboard, fn+f7.

Unresponsive Keyboard

Keyboard is not functioning properly. When pressed, the keys won’t respond with the proper on screen command.

Software Malfunction

Restart your computer by either clicking the windows button at the bottom of your screen and selecting “Restart” or holding down the power button.

Dust Under Keyboard

Purchase a can of compressed air, and without bending the keys, spray the air to remove any dust build up that could be preventing the keyboard from registering the presses.

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