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Ученик, из нашей образовательной программы, сделал это руководство. Он не входит в персонал iFixit.

Asus G73JH-RBBX05 Troubleshooting

Computer Freezes Up

The computer is slowing down and/or freezing up and the bottom feels very warm.


Ensure the laptop is on a flat and hard surface. I recommend using the laptop on a cool flat surface or on a cooling pad.

Faulty Cooling System

If changing the usage location has no effect, consider the following:

If you hear the fans running and there is no change, consider upgrading the cooling system.

If you don't hear any fans when the computer is warm, consider replacing the fans.

Computer Shuts Down When Disconnected From Its Charger

The computer turns off shortly after being removed from the power source.

Faulty Charger

Ensure the charging light is on when plugged in and the charging port is clear of debris or dust. If the light is on and the port is clear, consider buying a new charging adapter.

Inconsistent Battery Life

If you are not getting consistent usage time away from the charger after a full charge, the battery may be damaged or at the end of its life cycle. Consider replacing the battery.

Frequent Crashing and Error Messages

Some symptoms include crashing while the computer is booting windows, receiving error messages when trying to perform file moving tasks, and/or file names being scrambled or disappearing completely.

Replace the hard drive

You may want to consider replacing the hard drive on your Asus G73JH-RBBX05

Keyboard malfunctions or keyboard is not responding

The keyboard on the laptop isn't functioning properly or responding well

Faulty keyboard

If the keyboard is continuously not functioning or takes a while to respond, you may want to consider replacing the keyboard.

Keys jamming

If you notice a certain key isn't functioning, check to see if it is jammed. If you notice a key is jammed, attempt to blow compressed air under the key to remove debris and your keyboard should begin to function properly.

Blue Screen of Death

If your computer screen just displays blue, you properly have the blue screen of death.

RAM failure

One of the causes of the blue screen of death is RAM failure. Consider replacing the RAM on your computer immediately.

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