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Asus X200CA-HCL 1104G Troubleshooting

A touchscreen laptop released by Asus in 2013.

Computer screen won’t turn on

When laptop is powered on the screen does not turn on or show any sign of light on the screen.

The battery is uncharged

Be sure the laptop is charged fully with the provided charger that your manufacturer has provided upon purchase of the laptop.

The battery will not hold a charge

Check to see if the charger wire is bent to much at the head or if there are any wires showing this will indicate that a new charger must be bought.

Charger is fine and still no response

A new battery for your laptop must be purchased in replacement of the dead one.

Blue screen of death

Screen is completely blue with a bunch of coding on it.

Blue screen with coding

Boot to safe mode by pressing Shift and F8 during your start up of the computer to retrieve Recovery Mode. Then select “see advanced repair options” then press troubleshoot and select advanced options. click on startup settings and press restart.

Blue screen continues

If you have the receipt of where you purchased your Asus laptop you may return your laptop. Asus has a policy where they will return any product of theirs due to a manufacturing problem.

Unresponsive Screen

Screen is pitch black and nothing shows up.

Restart the laptop

Restarting your laptop is a way to resolve many issues such as in this case.

Resetting the memory module

Turn off your laptop pressing down on the power button for 3 seconds. Slide and hold on the battery latch to remove the cover. Then processed to remove the battery gently. Remove the memory module cover that was beneath the battery. Remove the memory modules from the memory slot. Reset the memory modules but holding them at a 45- degree angle and pressing down onto the slot. Attach the memory module cover followed up with the battery and battery latch.

Still unresponsive

If issue still continues then there is a hardware issue which should be brought to the initial place where you’ve purchased your laptop.

Blurry screen

Images on the screen are blurry or distorted.

Incorrect resolution

A blurry screen can be caused by an incorrect screen resolution. The fastest way to get into your resolution settings is to right-click on the desktop, and click “Display Settings”. A “Resolution” section should pop up. A good screen resolution for the Asus X200CA-HCL 1104G is 1366 x 788. Move the slider to that setting and click “Apply”. The screen will go blank for a moment, then flash back on using the new resolution.

Very dim screen

Images displayed on the screen are too dark.

Altered brightness setting

Lowered brightness can occasionally result from an accidentally misset brightness setting. Click Start, then Control Panel, then Display. From there, you should be able to adjust the brightness slider.

Defective backlight

An overly dim display can be caused by a backlight that has ceased to work due to age or damage. Check out the [display repair guide] for this model.

Unresponsive keyboard

The computer will not respond to certain keys being struck, or to pressure on the trackpad.

Dirty keyboard

Keyboards experience day-to-day contact with all kinds of debris, and sometimes when keys stop responding, it’s simply because they need to be cleaned. Check out this [keyboard cleaning guide].

Broken keys

If a key is visibly broken or missing, check out our [key replacement guide].

Computer will not recognize USB devices

The computer does not respond to flash drives being inserted into the USB socket.

Faulty flash drive

Sometimes the problem is caused by the flash drive you’re using. Check the flash drive for dust or other contaminants, then try connecting it again. If that doesn’t work, try inserting a different flash drive, preferably one known to be in working order. If the computer doesn’t respond to either device, it is probably an issue with the USB drive itself.

Faulty USB drive

Check out the [USB drive repair guide] for this device.

Lines on Screen

When I turn my laptop on, there are many multi colored lines across the screen

Pressure on the display

Clean the edges around the screen and see if there may be debris lodged under the casing around the screen.

See if the lines disappear after cleaning the edges, if the lines persist there may be more debris under the casing or possible damage to the digitizer.

If the lines still persist after cleaning out all dust and debris, the digitizer may need to be replaced.

Distorted Audio

There is muffled or no sound coming from my headphones when I plug them into the audio jack

Dusty or Dirty Audio Jack

To clean out the audio jack, either blow into it or spray it with compressed air. This should remove any debris inside.

If sound quality doesn’t improve, the jack itself could be faulty. To check this try inserting a different device. If the poor sound quality is mimicked by both accessories then the Audio jack is malfunctioning or shorting and needs to be repaired or replaced.

If it is just a short, this can be fixed by using a soldering iron to re shape the solder correctly onto the solder pads.


My computer becomes so hot that it can almost burn if touched.

Clogged ventilation or fans

Locate the vents on the casing of the laptop. Remove any debris via tweezers or compressed air. If the computer continues to overheat, remove the back access panel and clean out all dust inside the casing and on any visible components.

While the the back access panel is open try to locate the cooling fans in the laptop and that they are all in working condition and free of debris.

If any fans seem to be having trouble we would suggest replacement.

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