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BlackBerry Curve 8530 Troubleshooting

''Use this troubleshooting if your Blackberry will not turn on.

Remove battery from device and reinsert, then attempt to power on. See the battery replacement guide for any questions on how to complete this step.

This is especially useful if your phone has been off for a long time. It may have lost it's charge. Charge the phone for 15-20 minutes then attempt to the power on the phone.

If none of the above options work your battery may be bad. Attempt to borrow a battery from a friend or purchase a new one. Purchasing a new battery is only recommended as a final step if previous options have been exhausted. See battery repair guide for any questions.

This step is unlikely but if all other options short of buying a battery have failed and your phone is out of warranty replacing the logic board may be an option. See motherboard repair guide for step by step instructions.

Reboot the phone by one of these two steps.

1. Soft reset the phone by pressing ALT + CAP + DEL

2. Remove the battery. Wait for 30 seconds with the battery out. Put the battery back into place and turn the phone on by holding the red call end button.

If the phone turns on but no image appears the screen may be faulty.

First, try resetting the phone as described above. If resetting does not work, replacing the screen with the screen repair guide may be an option.

You may replace the keypad by following this guide here.

Try restarting the phone using both resetting methods.

If neither work, the following guide will explain how to replace the trackpad here

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