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Photo reciever has a blank or black screen

My photo receiver's power light is on but the screen is black.

Connection problem

The first step that you should take is to check the power connection for your device. Unplug and re-plug the power cord into the device, and if that does not work try a different outlet to ensure that the outlet you're using is working.

Bad power switch

Your power button is located on the back of your device. To check to make sure your device is actually on, hold down this button. Then check the power indicator light which is located below the black brightness button; if your device is on it will be green.

Brightness is too low

The brightness button is the black button on the back of your device, hold down this button to increase the brightness of your screen. If your screen is still too dim and or black, there might be a issue in your settings.

Device setting issue

To see what your current device settings are follow link to login page for your Ceiva account; https://www.ceiva.com/home/hp/login.jsp. Then use your username and password to log on to your online account. From there go to the 'My Frames' page and reset your screen 'on and off' times.

Pictures won't download to the device

The device is plugged in, but no images are being displayed.

Bad connection

Always ensure you are connected to a working phone or ethernet jack, which can be easily checked by using a different phone line or ethernet jack. This step should be repeated when making sure that your photo receiver is plugged into a working power outlet.

Wrong account information

To confirm your Ceiva account information follow link to login page; https://www.ceiva.com/home/hp/login.jsp. Log into your account using your username and password, from there check the listed phone numbers linked to the account to make sure they are correct. If not update these numbers and restart your photo receiver. If that does not remedy your problem, log back into your Ceiva account, go to 'Menu' and then the 'What To Display' tab, and press Select. Make sure the 'Ceiva Photos' box is checked and click 'Save'. If you still don't have any luck, log onto your account again to check your frame settings. Make sure all your information, including location and dial-in numbers, are accurate.

The backlight is too dim

My photo receiver is on, but the light is too dim to see the pictures easily.

Power source problem

Ensure that the power supply is plugged into the back of your device, and connected to a working power outlet. Also check the power indicator light, located on the back of your device, to ensure that your device is on.


If your photo frame backlight is too low, try turning up the brightness by holding down the black brightness button on the back of the device. Press this button multiple times to ensure the screen has not been turned off. If your screen is still too dim make sure that the power indicator light is green indicating your device is on. If the light is not on refer to the 'Blank/Black Screen" section of this troubleshooting page.

My device is not holding pictures

The device is clearly working, but it will not display any pictures.

Bad memory card

Locate your memory card on the back of your device. Then take out your memory card and reinsert it. If your pictures are still not being displayed, make sure your memory card is working by plugging it into a computer or digital camera. Also ensure that all photos are saved in JPEG format and has less than 12 megapixels in resolution.

Wrong account settings

To check your photo display settings follow this link to the login page; https://www.ceiva.com/home/hp/login.jsp. Log on to your Ceiva account using your username and password. Then proceed to the 'Menu' tab, click 'What to Display' and then click 'Select'. Make sure that the 'Card Reader' tab is checked and highlighted, then press 'Save' and 'Select'.

The slide show is not working

My slideshow is changing too fast or not changing at all.

Wrong slide show settings

Locate the white picture button on the back of the device, and then press and it until the message "Let Go to Start Slideshow" appears on the screen; then let go. This should restart your current slide show, however if there is a problem with the pictures being displayed see the 'My device is not holding pictures' section.

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