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Network with Similar Organizations ¶ 

Organizations who embrace your very same mission make for a naturally intuitive fit for a partnership. However, those who are separated by more than (let's say) two degrees of separation that can still present opportunities, despite having "weak ties". A few examples include:

Artistic Communities ¶ 

Repair creates many opportunities for artistic expression in channels like performance art. Industrial design has a place here, as people improvise ways to bring something back to functional, working condition.

Urban Planning ¶ 

Repair can be used as a meta-concept tool to revitalize cities.

Future Studies ¶ 

Academic pursuits can examine repair directly or as a auxiliary point of study. Anthropology and sociology can come into play, and as people start to acknowledge the emergence of a steady-state ecology, studies of future states and systems will at least examine repair.

Repair Communities ¶ 

Community Repair is growing. And it's not just Fixit Clinics and Repair Cafes. There are other movements that aim to grow repair:

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