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Community repair is home to a broad coalition of makers, fixers, DIYers, and people who don't know the first thing about making, fixing, or DIYing. The community is unified by the following goals and beliefs:

Repair events are celebrations of community. All are welcome, none are judged.

Technology isn't the boss of you. You have permission to open, tinker, explore, and fix your things. It's ok, we promise.

Community repair isn't a failure if repair isn't achieved 100% of the time. The great value gained in assessing and exploring a broken product isn't lost if the product isn't repaired.

Sometimes replacing and fixing that broken part can be found by rummaging through the trash or just by looking down at the ground. The things people consider as litter could be things that can help get something fixed up. While paper clips and wooden ice cream bar sticks can be the most popular improvised items, anything else can really be added into the mix for consideration.

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