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Dell Inspiron 5758 Troubleshooting

Released 2015, Regulatory model: P28E, Computer model: Inspiron 17-5758

Dell Inspiron 5758 does not power on

The computer does not start when the power button is pressed.

Battery has no charge

If the computer does not turn on, most likely the battery needs to be charged. To charge the battery, plug the charging cable into an electrical outlet, then plug the other end into the round power-adapter port on the left hand side of the computer. The light on the charging cable should turn on. Wait 5 to 10 minutes to allow the computer to build up charge, and then try to power on the computer again.

Faulty charging cable

If the computer still does not power on after you plug in the charging cable and wait for the computer to accumulate charge, then the charging cable may be faulty. If the light on the charging cable does not turn on when it is plugged in, then the charging cable is faulty. You will need to purchase a new charging cable.

Power circuit has built up a static charge

If you have determined that you charging cable is working, but the computer still does not power on, there could be a static charge build up in the power circuit. To remove this static charge, unplug the charging cable and remove the battery using this guide: [http://|see battery replacement guide]. Once you have unplugged the charging cable and removed the battery, hold the power button down for 30 seconds to dissipate the static charge. Then, put the battery back in by following the battery replacement guide steps in reverse order, plug in the charging cable, and attempt to turn the computer on again. You should be successful.

Faulty power button

If the charging cable works, and you have tried to remove static charge from the power button without success, you most likely have a faulty power button. In this case, you will have to replace the power button using this guide: [http://power button replacement guide].

Screen is black or displays vertical lines

The computer screen is black or shows vertical or horizontal lines when it is powered on

Damaged screen

Check the computer screen for cracks, scratches, flickering, or horizontal or vertical lines being displayed. These are symptoms of a damaged screen. To replace the screen, use this guide: [http://LCD Screen Replacement].

Touchpad is unresponsive

When you use the touchpad, the computer screen does not respond.

Outdated driver

If the screen does not respond when you use the touchpad, the current Dell touchpad driver may be outdated. You will need to download the updated Dell touchpad driver found on the official Dell support page: page.

Faulty touchpad/palmrest

A faulty touchpad can prevent you from accessing the laptop. If the touchpad is damaged and unable to register any user input, and the touchpad continues to fail after installing updated drivers, then you will need to buy a replacement Dell Inspiron 5758 touchpad/palmrest and install the touchpad following this guide: [http://|touchpad/palmrest replacement guide].

Laptop locks up or shows error message

The computer displays an error message and will not return to home screen.

External hardware

If your system is frozen or locked up, it may be due to a piece of external hardware. Unplug or take out everything from the laptop including USBs, SD cards, and CDs. After all external hardware is removed, remove the laptop battery using the battery replacement guide: [http://|see battery replacement guide], and hold the power button for about 15 seconds. Next, reattach the battery and turn the laptop on. If the problem is not resolved refer to this guide: [http://|Locked system guide].

Outdated drivers

In most cases, locked up laptops are caused by outdated drivers. Regularly update your drivers to help prevent future problems. You can find the up-to-date drivers on the Dell official website or by following this link: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/...


Malware can cause your laptop to freeze or slowdown. Regularly run a systems diagnostic to check for malware. To do so, follow this link to download the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/detai...

Download and run the program then follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.

Air vents are blocked or dirty

If your laptop’s air vents are blocked or dirty, performance issues can occur. Check your laptop’s air vents for any dust or dirt. If you see any, unplug all power sources and then use a compressed air can to clean out the vents. Once they are sufficiently cleaned reinstall all power sources.

Internal hardware issues

Laptops can also freeze or lock up because of internal hardware. To fix this, reset your laptop to factory settings. Begin the reset process by turning on your computer and then pressing and holding the F8 key as soon as the Dell logo appears on your screen. This will take you to the advanced boot menu options. Select the “Repair your computer” option, and enter your administrative password (if needed). Click on Dell Factory Image Restore and follow the instructions that come after.

Short battery life

The battery takes a very long time to charge and/or doesn’t hold a charge for long.

Bright screen

Brighter screen light takes a large amount of battery power. To turn the brightness of the screen down, Press the "Fn" key and the "down-arrow" key at the same time.

Background applications

Apps that are running in the background without your knowledge can drain the battery. To prevent apps from running in the background, enable Battery Saver mode. Follow these steps to enable Battery Saver mode. Open Settings>Click on System>Click on Battery under "Battery saver", turn on the "Battery saver status until next charge" toggle switch.

Old battery

Battery life decreases over time. This is a normal feature of most of the rechargeable batteries. Check this article to understand the ways to diagnose battery health https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/...

If you discover that your laptop has poor battery health, you can order a new battery from the Dell Batteries and Adapters website and replace the old battery using this guide:[http://|see battery replacement guide].

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Every time I touch my touchpad the screen turns for for a moment then turns back on. Does anyone know what's wrong with it ? Btw I have, Dell inspiron 5758 laptop. Please help !

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