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Trouble moving wheelchair

Flat tire

If the tire on your wheelchair is flat, squeeze the wheels and if there is any noticeable compression then you need to asses your tire. Look for any visible objects that may have punctured the tire and are still embedded. Then remove object and patch the tire. Pump the tires up with air. If the tires deflate in 5 days or less, then there is a hole somewhere in the tire. To fix the hole, you need to remove and patch the tire. If this does not resolve the problem then you need to replace the tire.

Wheelchair wobbles

Flat tire

A flat tire would cause the wheelchair to lean to one side if only one tire was flat. In order to fix the flat tire, look at the repair guide for a flat tire.

Wheels loosely attached to axle

If the wheels on the chair tilt or shift to the side this may be caused by either one or both tires being loose.

If connections on wheelchair are not stable

Use the provided wrench to tighten each bolt all around the wheelchair.

Wheelchair does not properly fit

Leg supports are the wrong length

If you are not comfortable with the positioning of your legs, adjust the foot supports by moving them up or down and re-bolting them into place.

Uncomfortable to to sit in

If your seat is uncomfortable to sit in, you probably need to adjust the seat either by altering the width of the seat or the height of the seat. If you are sliding forwards or backwards in the seat, you should check the depth of the seat and adjust it. If you are sliding side to side or the sides of the chair are physically touching you, you should adjust the width of the seat.

Wheelchair part fell off

Foot support fell off

Identify which part has failed or loosened. The main sections that the problem could occur in are either the outer bolt on the tire, or the plate which the entire socket and footplate slide into. Reattach either part. If help is needed see foot support repair guide.

Wheelchair squeaks

If the wheelchair is squeaking follow these steps to fix the squeaking.

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