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Ученик, из нашей образовательной программы, сделал это руководство. Он не входит в персонал iFixit.

HP 17-bs049dx Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help diagnose problems with the HP 17-bs049dx.

Keyboard is not responsive

When keys are pressed, the input is inaccurate or unrecognized .

Connection Issue

Connection failure can cause a keyboard to become unresponsive. To ensure proper connection, turn off your PC and disconnect the keyboard cable from the port. After waiting a few minutes, reconnect the cable into the port, turn on PC and begin to use the keyboard again.

Faulty Port Pins

Inspect ports for a bent or broken pin. Often the specific pin is able to be bent back to the proper angle, and if it can’t be adjusted, a new keyboard/ or port will be needed.

Hardware Problem

Dust and dirt can become compacted behind individual keys on the board, causing unresponsive key input. Turning your keyboard upside down and gently shaking can remove simple clutter behind these keys. If this doesn’t fix the problem, an air spray can may be used to get the more compacted clutter removed.

Dead pixels on screen

Pixels on regions on the computer screen.

Replace the Screen

Restart the computer to confirm that the pixels are dead. Ensure to charge the computer completely before restarting the computer. If the pixels remain dead then you will have to replace the LCD screen, seen here.

Screen is very dim

Screen is very dim but can be seen if a flashlight is held up close.

Back light is not connected to the motherboard

Make sure that the back light is connected to the motherboard. Make sure that the laptop battery is charged after reconnecting the back light to the motherboard before testing. If the back light still is not working and the battery is fully charged, then you will need to change the back light.

Laptop will not turn on

The computer will not power on and when it does, it does not stay on.

Faulty battery

Make sure the battery is properly charged and connected to the computer. Make sure the light on the adapter is on when you plug in the battery. If the computer does not stay on, then let battery charge with the computer turned of and if that doesn’t work, you would have to change the battery.

External peripherals

Your computer might not be staying on because too many external devices are plugged in. In this case, unplug every external device such as mouse, USB, that might be plugged in. Restart device after unplugging external devices. If this does not help, contact manufacturer.

Shortage on RAM/ROM space

Your computer might not be staying on because you are out of RAM/ROM space, in this case you will have to delete documents and files no longer useful to you.

Hard Drive Malfunctioning

You are having trouble with your laptop due to frequent crashes and error messages or your laptop will not turn on at all.

Faulty Hard Drive

Test the hard drive to see if there’s a problem, Press the Power button to start the computer and repeatedly press the F10 key to enter the BIOS Setup menu. Use the Right Arrow or Left Arrow keys to go through the menu selection so you can find the Primary Hard Drive Self Test option. Depending on your BIOS, this may be found below Diagnostics or Tools.

Error Messages

Error messages that cannot be removed or pop up frequently means hard drive needs a hard reset. to Turn off your computer. Remove the computer from any charging station. Disconnect all external connected devices. Press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds to reset. Wait till you hear fans and hard drive setting up.

Physical Hard Drive Failure

You will know if it is a physical failure by the noise the drive will make. You will hear loud clunking or abnormal noise coming from the hard drive. Do not mistake the sounds for a malfunctioning fan. Carefully open the case and listen to the drive.

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