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HP Pavilion dv9000 Troubleshooting

Your computer feels as if it is burning.

If your laptop is overheating, a common issue is that the computer is on an insulating surface such as a bed, sofa, or pillow. This traps heat within the laptop by obstructing airflow vents. By placing the laptop on a level, non-insulating surface, it will allow air to flow through the computer and cool it down.

If problem persists, your laptop fan may be in need of replacement or dirty. Try spraying the fan with compressed air to clean it.

You can hear fans turning and the hard drive humming, but the screen is black.

The blank screen can be attributed to dislodged cable that connects the motherboard to the laptop display.

On this series of HP laptops, there is a known issue with the onboard Nvidia graphics card overheating. This overheating causes the graphics processor to fail, leading to a blank screen or incorrect display of images.

To correct this issue, Google "dv9000 reflow" or "hp dv9000 reflow" for ways to remedy this issue.

Here is a link to one of the reflow guides.

While using your computer, it stops responding to your commands.

When the computer freezes and stops responding to your commands, hold down the power button until the system turns off. After turning off, turn on the system to see if problem persists.

If problem persists, this freezing issue could be attributed to improper seating of RAM, which in this case, RAM should be reseated. Please refer to RAM replacement guide for methods to access RAM.

You're trying to connect to the Internet, but your computer just won't cooperate.

On this series of laptops, there is a physical switch on the front left of the computer that controls the WiFi card. Make sure this switch is turned to the on position (pushed to the left) to establish an internet connection.

Drivers often need to be updated causing wireless internet connection problems. In the dv9000 series, there are many different models. Please go to the following link and type in your device's actual model number, which is written on the bottom of the laptop.

At times, it is not the computer's fault when not connecting to the Internet. If possible, you can try resetting your modem and router. This could rectify all issues with a lack of a wireless connection.

If the laptop still will not connect to a wireless network, please refer to the wireless card replacement guide.

You plug in the power cord, but the charge light does not turn on.

This is a sign that the battery or power adapter needs to be replaced. Try another power adapter that is known to work. If battery still does not charge, please refer to battery replacement guide.

On May 26, 2011, HP announced a recall for battery packs for this series of laptops. The following link may be from 2011, but the warranty replacement program is still valid. Please follow the instructions to validate your model number. You can get replacement battery packs through this website:

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