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HTC Maple 100 Troubleshooting

Also known as the HTC Snap S521. The Maple 100 has a built in QWERTY keyboard.

Maple 100 won't turn on

My phone won't turn on.

Battery Not Charged

If the phone won't turn on and is not plugged in, plug in the phone to see if the battery died and needs to be recharged.

Battery Won't Hold A Charge

If the phone turns on when the device is plugged in, but won't hold a charge and stay on without being plugged in, there is something wrong with the phone's battery. See how to replace the battery.

Battery issues

The HTC Maple 100 uses a 1500 mAh battery. Check the battery for bulging. If the battery is bulging then it has gone bad. If the battery is bad, you will not be able to turn on your phone. The best way to check this problem is to plug your phone into the charger and see if the phone turns on with the phone plugged in. It is possible that the battery is out of power and needs to be recharged. If the phone does not work when the phone is plugged in, it is best to buy a replacement battery.

Screen is off or Not Displaying Properly

Your phone may be off

Check to make sure your battery is charged and your phone is on. You might be able to test this by calling your phone or by adjusting the volume up or down.

LCD screen is broken

If your LCD Screen is broken, it is possible that your phone is actually on but you cannot see what is being displayed. If your phone rings or vibrates when the power is on then you will know that the LCD Screen is not working. The screen may be disconnected inside the phone, the ribbon cable might be ripped, or the screen itself is not working. You can buy a replacement screen and reinstall the battery using Repairing HTC Maple 100 LCD Screen.

Phone Without Service

Your phone may be in Airplane Mode

If your phone is in airplane mode, there will be an airplane icon at the top of your screen. To turn airplane mode off, hold down the power button, and select the airplane mode option.

Bad SIM card

Contact your service provider.

Problems with Interface

Out of date softare

Most common problems of the HTC Maple 100 can be solved by updating the software.

Update Software

Broken Front Panel Components

My screen is cracked, my roller ball does not work or my front panel is cracked.

Glass Screen

It will be very obvious that your glass screen is cracked. You will have to replace the whole front panel.

Track Ball

If the ball is stuck or the phone does not respond to the rolling ball then you will need to replace the Track Ball.

Plastic Panel

If your front plastic panel is broken, you will have to remove some parts. Follow this guide to replace the plastic panel.

Damaged Keyboard

Some or all of my keys do not work.

Broken Keyboard

If a key has popped out or is broken, the keyboard needs to be replaced. See the repair guide for replacing the keyboard.

Broken Navigation Keys

If the keys used to navigate the phone are broken, follow the repair guide for replacing the keyboard to replace the navigation keys.

Motherboard Doesn't Register Keys

When a key is pressed and you receive the response of another key or no response at all, there is something wrong with the motherboard. This might be due to a bad connection between the keys and the motherboard. Most likely the motherboard will need to be replaced.

My Phone's Earspeaker Sounds Funny

"I can't hear through my ear piece or the sound is of bad quality"

To replace the ear piece follow these steps.

My Phone's External Speaker Sounds Funny

"My external speaker has bad sound quality"

To replace the external speaker follow these steps.

None of the above

Nothing above matches your problem, or you've tried a solution suggested above, but it didn't help.

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