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Insignia Will Not Turn On

Press and Hold the Power Switch

The mp3 player Power Switch should be pressed down for at least 3 seconds and should turn on if adequately charged.

Bad Battery

If the device does not turn on, the battery may need to be recharged. Plug the provided charging cable into a laptop or other USB power source. The device should be fully charged after 3 hours, and should work for 25 hours without external power. However, the battery life depends on the playback volume and extent of use, and will decrease over time.

If the device still does not turn on, a replacement battery may be necessary. See the section on replacing the battery for help. (Link when available).

Faulty Display

Insignia could be experiencing a faulty display problem where the battery is functioning but there is not output to the screen. In this case, the screen should be swapped. (Link when available.)

Audio Problems

No Audio coming from Headphones

Headphones may be faulty or damaged if wiring is broken. Plug in a different pair of headphones and try to play audio again.

Debris in the Audio Jack

It is also possible that the audio jack itself is not making the proper connection to the headphones due to debris. Clean out the debris with cotton swab or gently blow into audio jack to free loose particles.

Minor Software Glitch

If volume controls are working and song appears to be playing, yet no audio is being output, try restarting the device. Hold the Power Switch to turn it off then turn it back on and check audio again.

Radio does not work

Unshielded headphones are necessary for the radio feature to work. The main headphone wire should be somewhat extended to allow it to work as an antenna. The earbuds provided with the mp3 player should work as an antenna for the radio.

Insignia freezes while in use

Misreading a File

Hold the Power Switch to the right, away from the screen, for 30 seconds. This may happen when the device tries to read a file that is not a music file. Remove any files from the music directory that are not music files.

Insignia NS-4V17 won't charge fully

Bad Cable

The charging cable may not be working properly, in which case, you should try using a different cable. Any other mini USB cable is cabale of charging the device.

Faulty Battery

If the Insignia Sport has been plugged in for longer than three hours and does not fully charge, the device is most likely experiencing battery problems and needs to be replaced. See Installing New Battery guide for further assistance.

Other Issues/Problems

Laptop does not recognize Insignia Sport

If the laptop does not show that the device is connected, unplug the mini-USB from the laptop and the Insignia sport, plug the mini-USB cord back into the laptop and then connect the MP3 to the cord. If the laptop still does not recognize the mp3 player, disconnect the mini-USB from the laptop and restart your computer. After you have restarted your laptop, re-plug the coord into the laptop following the previous instructions.

If restarting your computer does not work, there may be a problem with the mini-USB cord. A mini-USB cord can be purchased at any local electronic store or can be ordered online.

Can't create a playlist on Insignia Sport

Creating a playlist on the Insignia Sport requires a third-party program. The device was designed to use the Rhapsody desktop program, which will allow you to create playlists and sync them to the device. Alternatively, MediaMonkey unofficially supports the device.

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