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Jazz HDV178 Troubleshooting

Camcorder Will Not Turn On

No matter what you do, you can't get your camcorder to turn on.

Drained/Bad Battery

  • Before going through the trouble to take apart your camcorder, try charging it first. Plug one side of the charger into a wall outlet and the other side into the device. Let it charge for an hour and then try again. If it will not turn on after a sufficient amount of "charging" time, then you most likely have a bad battery and will need a new one. This link, Jazz HDV178 Camcorder Battery Replacement, will show you how to replace your worn out battery.

Bad Battery Connection

  • If you have tried charging the device and it still does not turn on and replaced the battery, there may be a bad connection between the battery and the camcorder. Try dipping a Q-tip in just enough Rubbing alcohol to make the Q-tip damp. Once you have done this, rub it on both the contacts on the camera and on the battery. Allow it to dry before reinstalling and rub with a dry Q-tip.

Loose or Faulty Power Button

  • There is a possibility that your power button could be jammed. If the button seems loose or rattles, try pressing harder. If this does not work, try taking apart the device and examining the power button yourself. You may need a replacement part or you could use the rubbing alcohol and Q-tip combo. You can access the power button through Jazz HDV178 Camcorder Power Button Replacement.

Bad Display

  • It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. If the device makes any noise such as beeps or any of the LED's light up, then it is very possible that the device is working but the display is not working. If this is the case, you will need to replace the display.

Camcorder Won't Charge

You try to charge your camcorder but it just will not charge.

Charger Not Plugged In

  • Make sure your charger is plugged in to both the wall and the camcorder. If you are plugging your charger into a power strip, make sure that the strip is plugged in to the wall, and that the switch is in the "on" position.

Bad Charger

  • If your camcorder charges with a different charger, then your charger is bad and you will need to find a replacement charger.

Bad Charging Port

  • The port between the charger and the camcorder may be messed up. If you notice any of the 5 prongs are missing or bent, you will need to replace the charging port.

Lens won't zoom

No matter how hard you press the zoom buttons, the camcorder just will not zoom in or out.

Bad Connection

  • The sensor pad is not responding to you pressing the button. In this case, you will need to open up the camcorder and replace the sensor pad.

Broken Lens

  • If the sensor is working properly, then lens itself may be broken. Try taking apart the camcorder and inspecting the lens itself to look for any snapped pieces. If you feel you will need to replace it, we have a guide for that! Jazz HDV178 Camcorder Lens Replacement

Display Hinge is Broken

The display will not stay up or keeps rotating.

Broken Display Hinge

  • If you notice that the display does not stay in the proper upright position, there is probably something wrong with the display hinge. If duct tape does not suffice, you will need to replace the display hinge using the previous guide.

Operating Buttons Are Unresponsive

The buttons used to operate the camcorder do not appear to be functioning when they are engaged.

Use this guide to access the buttons so you can replace or repair them: Jazz HDV178 Camcorder Operating Buttons Replacement

Buttons Are Missing

  • If the device appears to be missing buttons you will need to purchase new ones. Shop online for replacement parts.

Press Harder

  • You may not have enough pressure on the button for the camcorder to sense that the button is being pushed. Try applying more pressure to the button. If your finger appear to large, you can use the tip of your finger or your nail or more precise pressure.

Bad Internal Connection

  • If you are pressing the button hard and multiple times and the buttons still do not work, you could have a bad connection between the button and the contact inside the camcorder. If the contact is the problem you can try to clean it with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Be prepared to order replacement parts.

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Where can I get a Charger for my Jazz HDV 178 Digital camcorder

irma mackenzie - Ответить

All of this is very nice hardware fix, but how do you get the video to display once you download it to a computer. I gave up 4 or 5 years ago looking for a fix no luck. I'm trying one more time before it goes in the trash. Loved the Jazz great reliable easy to use great pics. clean video of or trips around the world with our kids until well, you know had to switch to something more reliable. If anyone knows of a fix let me know. Signed Sadly unJazzed.

PJFIXIT - Ответить

I am unable to format the card. I press ok but nothing happens and I can not proceed when I hit the right button. HELP

Tim meyer - Ответить

I am unable to format my memory card. (Jazz 140 HDV) After entering yes I want to format Nothing happens and I can not proceed by using the right button. Help

Tim meyer - Ответить

My Camcorder Keeps Saying “Read Card” When My Card Is In There It Just Won't Work!

Vincent Wolf - Ответить

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