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Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Washer will not stop when the lid is open ¶ 

"When you open the lid the washing machine will not stop what it's doing."

Bad lid switch ¶ 

If your washing machine does not stop every time you open the lid, your lid switch is bad. You may have to replace the lid switch. To replace it look at our lid switch installation guide.

Water will not drain out of the washer ¶ 

"Once the cycle is finished the washing machine does drain the water."

Clogged waste hose ¶ 

If your washing machine does not drain the waste water, the waste hose might be clogged. If the waste hose is only clogged, repair is as easy as removing and unclogging the waste hose. To remove and unclog the waste hose, follow the instructions in the waste hose installation guide.

Bad drain pump ¶ 

If the waste hose has no clogs, the problem may be a bad drain pump. The drain pump could have a clog in it, too. Since the drain pump has a translucent cover, the clog should be visible. To remove the clog follow the instructions in the drain pump installation guide.

If removing the clog in the drain pump has no effect, there may be a problem with it. To replace the drain pump follow the instructions in the drain pump installation guide.

Bad pump motor ¶ 

If waste hose installation guide and the drain pump installation guide did not solve the problem, it may be the motor. Since the motor provides the drain pump with the power to drain, the motor will have to be replaced. To replace the motor, follow the instructions in the motor installation guide.

Washer does not spin/agitate ¶ 

"There is a strange noise and click when you turn on your washing machine, and the washing machine will not spin when you try to wash clothes."

Broken drive belt ¶ 

If your drive belt is broken, the motor cannot turn the tub. You will need to replace the drive belt using our drive belt installation guide.

Bad tub motor ¶ 

If your motor is not working, you will have to replace it. Make sure the washing machine is unplugged from the electrical outlet. To replace your motor, see our motor installation guide.

Комментариев: 59

Lid lock light flashes. Lid is locked. There is a sporadic click. Washer will not start.

Ken - Ответить

what did you find out? ours is doing the same.

Tom -

Mine I lid lock and just clicking not turning on

dqlton dernoski -

I have the same problem?

Bo -

So this happened to us. Sears repair came out. Mind you after we cancelled the appointment because the was rude and assisted I'm charging my credit card before the repairman even came out. Anyways the repairman came out hooked his computer up to it and proclaimed the control board is bad and you can either buy a new one which would be over 500.00 dollars which includes labor. Or buy the maintenance warranty for 200.00 which is good for one year. The codes that were shown were F05 and E02. So we told them nevermind. Week later as we were shopping for a new washer. We stumbled upon a video on a guy basically cleaned the little metal contact switch which causes the lid to lock and unlock. It has two prongs that slide back and forth. If it gets dirty or doesn't have a good contact to the circuit board it will cause this problem. Low and behold it worked. Here is the link to the video.

Paul -

My lid lock is doing the same thing what is it.

Melissa - Ответить

Kenmore washing machine won't turn over, filled with water during the first stage, the cycle isn't turning anymore or making any noise?

stephanieschehr87 - Ответить

Mine did the same last night Janny. Filled up with water and then would not proceed to the next step. I am going to look at the agitator video mentioned above. Seems like a cheap and easy fix.

Chris Bolton -

Kenmore washer pumps water out when it goes into spin cycle but won't spin. I can open it up and turn the tub and it will start after again. It will do this about ever other wash. Any ideas.

Beverly Fisher - Ответить

JUST wondering if you figured it out? My washing machine is doing the same thing I can spin it and then it will go but will not spin by itself

Mike -

washing machine will not spin on regular cycle but will on other cycles anybody know why

kdcluff -

When in spin cycle & washer is draining there is a bad clicking noise ! I think it might be a clutch or something ? I don't know ! Can you help ?

jnunn0260 - Ответить

my machine leaves lint on the clothes, is there a filter or something?

Sheri Mackey -

Washing machine wash, but want spin on any cycle, it come on and make a clicking and huming nose

but want spin

Teresa Howard - Ответить

Mine does the same thing have you had it fixed yet because can't figure out what is causing my washer to do it

carlyle1939rs -

mine fills and doesnt run spins slowly but wont drain email

sheriff121 - Ответить

my washing machine after the program finish not open steel is show the red light.

LASZLO - Ответить

our 110 he doesn't clean our clothes and doesn't seem to disperse detergent throughout

levirabon - Ответить

Agitdogs need replacing.

wizodd -

its unbelievable that they wouldn't even mention that your agitator might not work because of the probably the - most common reason - the agit-dog - wear out, it's like an 8 dollar part, look on youtube ------ PATHETIC!!!! --------

freeworldwander - Ответить

This page was made by a student on his own and is only here to help. Thank you for bringing the agitator failure to the attention of this page! Could you link to the video you found on YouTube as well?

Daniel -

watersupply keeps going a little even after agitating starts and overflows tub

Hans de Vries - Ответить

somebody help me out here pls.

Hans de Vries - Ответить

my washer I plug it in no lights the start button is non responsive makes a clicking noise and sounds like it's doing something but doesn't do anything and makes this loud noise and I have to unplug it to stop it ! what do I do

No Name - Ответить

What does the code rL mean?


Does anyone know why my washer is really loud on the spin cycle ? It does it no matter what I checked to make sure load was balanced and not over filled, and I levelled the machine on my floor!! It is really loud and I am getting noise complaints! Help please!

Sharlene - Ответить

So apparently there is no one that comes on here and offers help (From Kenmore) so I wonder what these comment sections are for. Our machine worked perfectly yesterday, and today it just hums after it fills with water.

unclepsycho1 - Ответить

It's an unmanaged orphan.

wizodd -

I am having trouble with my washer it goes straight to rinse and then the light starts flashing and the lid locks what's wrong

Tabitha - Ответить

I have a 110 model 24642300 I can hear a clicking sound when on the spin cycle bit action what is the issue a bad motor?

Lloyd - Ответить

Should I replace it or purchase a new washer it has served me well for 10+ years

Lloyd - Ответить

My washer stopped agitating and spinning. I replace the dog ears and motor coupler. Has a burning odor and still not agitating or spinning. Any suggestions beside buy another one?

Nancy DeSoto - Ответить

My washer agitates and spins...the top of the agitator throws off into the machine during normal cycles but works fine during gentle cycle (for now)..i took the top of the agitator apart and these 4 black rubber things fell out..the splines look okay..what next? Can i just superglue these black thingys back in?

susan - Ответить

I have a Kenmore HE2 Plus machine. It is displaying an F25 error message. where do I find out what that means?

Rick Salem - Ответить

Lid will not unlock. So I can't up washer to use it.

dalec305 - Ответить

Mine is doing the same thing. Locks, clicks but won't start. What is the issue?

cecemaria26 - Ответить

Under the tub it's a white plate with 3 angals where does it srew st

Eva Rosales - Ответить

my washer quit during the cycle. Clothes in water. no reset button anywhere

jannyredcruiser - Ответить

Mine did the same thing last night Janny. It fills with water and then doesn't move to the next step. I am going to watch the agitator youtube video mentioned above. Seems like a cheap and easy potential fix.

Chris Bolton -

I have had a problem with ours that the machine says the cycle has finished but upon inspection it has failed to spin and drain the load. and while having the lid open with the machine off (lights all off) the motor turns on like its going to start spinning but doesn't. when this happens I will press the power button and the machine will give the power off chime and the motor will stop. I then will turn on the washer and set it to drain/spin and it will complete that function. the only thing I can think of is maybe there is a short in the system? if this makes any sense.

lokie thornton - Ответить

kenmore series 100 washing machine - attempted to run it with the water off for a few minutes after we had a leak. now the machine will not fill up with water and the lights aren't turning on the display. it makes a noise and tries to start the spin cycle but no water! Did we fry our machine?!

John P - Ответить

6 months in to owning the Kenmore mo# 110-28102310 the DU code can on, called the repair they told me my wiring was bad, called an electrician, they told me the wiring was not the issue it was the panel switch on the washing machine. Kenmore new they sell junk and I will never buy another Kenmore anything period. Buyer beware ….

Donyaa Jones - Ответить

My washer is not washing clothes. It starts and after about ten minutes it goes to spin and then it beeps like it's done and has a code L0. What's the problem?

Brenda Woods - Ответить

My washer will not restart after it was stopped.

Paul DeLauter - Ответить

Just replaced lid switch because I thought it was bad, just kept sensing and lid lock flashed with clicking sound. Put new one on, still does same thing any solution.

James Fultz - Ответить

I have an issue with my Kemnore 110, even if the load is not to big and well disperse in the tub, when the spin cycle starts the washer wabbles, knocks and almost walks by itself in the lundry room. I have to hold the washer during the sprin cycle so the tub does not knock to much on the sides. Is there something to do to repair ? And if yes what is the issue?

Bert Love - Ответить

Machine powers up. Press start. Three beeps and nothing.

Sylvia Sevilla - Ответить

My top load washer powers up. I press start and hear three beeps then nothing. Any ideas?

Sylvia Sevilla - Ответить

My Kenmore washer makes a humming sound and will not fill up with hot or cold water but the spin cycle will work. Would this be to a bad valve? Please let me know your thoughts

Rebecca Nuessen - Ответить

My washer displayed a CF error code, what could possibly be wrong?

Ivan Ducceschi - Ответить

Washer runs a normal rinse cycle, will agitate but when the timer gets to the spin cycle it won’t do anything. If I turn the dial to any rinse option it starts right up, but it won’t do anything if I pull the knob out while the timer is on the spin cycle portion of the dial. Wondering if I may have a bad lid switch or dial? It doesn’t make any noises or attempt to do anything, so I’m assuming that since the lid has to be down for the spin cycle to start, that that’s why it won’t start spinning or drain the water. Any suggestions?

Robert elliott - Ответить

I am having trouble with tub banging around excessively

Charles Cawrse0 - Ответить

I have a Kenmore series 500 model number 110.25132411 my lights in the dashboard will not come on and it's making a constant noise but there's no water in the machine I went on YouTube nothing helpful I contacted Sears nothing any suggestions that I can try

David D - Ответить

Water won't run in washer

Annie Williams - Ответить

my washer is shaking on spin cycle i replaced all the springs using identical parts still shaking but not as bad.any advice out there appreciated

wade.allison.porter - Ответить

Water did not drain out of my Kenmore front loading wash machine - - Code F1 flashing. Clothes sitting in lots of water.

elaine brock - Ответить

Water continues. To fill washer after load is done

James Martin - Ответить

My Kenmore Elite Canyon Capacity top loader without agitator gets to the very last part of the wash cycle. It starts to spin, then I hear loud knocking noises, and it flashes uL. I know that means an unbalanced load, but it will even do this with the washer empty. Any ideas?

Lynn - Ответить

My Kenmore washing machine will only fill agitate and do the proper cycle on medium size if larg small or extra small it just runs water. (No matter how big or small the loads are)What am I supposed to do ?  We’ve been doing medium loads BUT I JAVE 4 kids 6-15 yrs old so laundry is a big deal and it takes a lot of time to do medium loads not to mention bedding I have to take elsewhere.

tessasspot - Ответить

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