Phone won't turn on ¶ 

Plug into chager phone may be dead

Check phone in general for any noticable damage

Battery may be dead ¶ 

Plug into charge and wait for charging notification

Battery may need to be replaced ¶ 

Check water damage sticker for damage to battery

Place battery in another phone of the same kind and see if it works

Bad charger ¶ 

Phone will not chager

Puncuters or holes in cord

Charging notification will not show on display

Broken charger port ¶ 

Check to see if port is dirty

Check port for damage

Joystick is not moving ¶ 

May be to dirty to move

Popped out of place

Rubber washer is broken

Slider will not slide ¶ 

May be off track

Slides may be dirty

Something jammed in one of the slides

Button to remove backing is jammed or stuck ¶ 

May be dirty

Piece of it may be broken

Backing may have been put on incorrectly

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