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Laser X 88016 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Laser X 88016

Laser X doesn't fire

When trigger is pulled, the Laser X gun does not make a sound, and when pointed at opponents receiver they do not receive a hit.

Jammed Trigger

A jammed trigger can prevent the Laser X from shooting. The trigger is supposed to move back and forth when pressed and released. The trigger may not function as intended if there is something stuck in the trigger, hence preventing the Laser X from shooting.

Faulty trigger

A faulty trigger can prevent the Laser X from firing properly. The trigger is designed to move back about half an inch when squeezed, and should provide some resistance due to the trigger spring. If the trigger or trigger spring are broken then the Laser X may not fire. With the gun on try squeezing the trigger several times in succession. If the trigger doesn't move, sticks, or does not make any sound, the trigger mechanism should be replaced by the following guide.

Laser X doesn’t turn on

When the switch is turned on the Laser X doesn’t make any sound and the lights don’t flash.

Batteries are not placed properly

The batteries may be put in the wrong order, therefore resulting in no power when turned on. Open the batteries compartment located inside the gun and remove all the batteries and put them back in the correct order and try turning the Laser X on again.

Batteries are dead

The Laser X requires three AAA size batteries to function. These batteries are located inside the gun and can be replaced using this guide. Change the batteries and try turning the Laser X on again.

Faulty power switch

When the switch is moved from the off position to the on position the Laser X does not make any sound and no lights turn on the power switch is probably faulty. You can replace the switch using this guide.

Laser X doesn’t detect laser strikes

When hit by an opponent’s shot, the Laser X does not register it.

Faulty IR sensor

The IR sensor in the Laser X is responsible for detecting shots from opponents and registering damage. If the IR sensor is damaged, it must be replaced following this guide.

Disconnected IR sensor

If laser strikes aren’t registered and the IR sensor itself is undamaged, it could be a result of faulty wiring to the receiver and it should be repaired following this guide.

Laser X Headphone Jack doesn’t work

Sound does not come through headphones when they’re connected to the Laser X.

Faulty headphones

If sound cannot be heard or it sounds distorted, the problem could lie in the headphones themselves, try connecting them to a computer or other device to see if they work. If not, consider getting a new pair of headphones.

Loose headphone jack

If audio can be partially heard through headphones connected to the Laser X, the headphone jack could be loose and the Laser X must be opened to put it back into place by following this guide.

Faulty headphone jack

If audio cannot be heard at all and the headphone jack is found to not be loose, it must be replaced by following this guide.

Laser X doesn’t produce sound

The Laser X does not make any sound when powered on or when the trigger is pulled.

Batteries are weak

The Laser X requires three AAA size batteries to function they may be too drained to power the speaker. These batteries are located inside the gun and can be replaced using this guide.

Disconnected Speakers

The wire connecting the speakers may be broken or disconnected from the circuit board. Resolder the speaker wires following this guide.

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Mine and my friendson Lazer x fusion won't shoot each other and instead make a beeping noise, how can we get them to recognize each other? New batteries and new guns please respond.

Helplazerxpeeple - Ответить

This is exactly why’s happening with ours. Trigger is working perfect but doesn’t detect when shot and just beeps all the *!&$!&$^ time!! Have you had my fixes?

Lisa -

One of our two Laser X guns is not loading even we are doing the loading the same way. Is it a malfinction?

István Szabó - Ответить

One my guns can’t reload after just 1 week. I’ve been searching for a solution all over the net and saw quite a number of similar cases but no solution. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

squidy75 - Ответить

Same. I emailed customer support. Here’s what I got:

Let's try resetting it, by pointing the Blaster towards the floor and then taking the front end of it an tapping it lightly against a hard surface, once holding the trigger and once without. Please note, to do this at least 3 times. This should reset it. Now lets' test it out by  holding the trigger down for 2 - 3 seconds and then shaking after for the same allotted time.

If no results, then please return it to the original place of purchase for an exchange or refund.  **If you've purchased your item through Amazon, Costco, Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Best Buy then please return it to them for your exchange or replacement **

Terry McBride -

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