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Phone is not responding

"Your phone is frozen and not responding."

Power off your phone

There are a number of cell phone problems that can be fixed by simply turning the phone off and then back on. If the phone does not respond to the power button, remove the battery, put the battery back, and then turn the phone on.

Battery may not be installed

Check to see if your phone has a battery and if the battery is installed properly. See the Battery Installation Page

Battery has no charge

Try charging your phone. If it is still unresponsive, you may need a new battery.

Cannot make a phone call

"You are unable to make any calls from your phone."

Phone is in airplane mode

Your phone could be set to airplane mode meaning that it is not connected to your mobile network. On the menu button go to options, deselect airplane mode.

The keypad does not work correctly

Short in the wiring

There may be a short in your phone’s internal wiring. See the Functional Keypad Installation Page

Wet Internal Parts

If your phone has been in a particularly wet or humid environments, open up the phone and allow the internal parts to dry. Then retry.

Bad connection

There may be a loose connection inside your phone. You can open your phone and make sure all connections are tight.

Phone will not charge

"Plugging in your phone does not give it charge."

Bad/damaged/dirty cable connection

Check the end of your charging cable for dirt or impairment. Clean out the ends if they are dirty (unplugged) or replace your charger if it is damaged.

No or faulty audio

"The audio doesn't play or is distorted."

Bad speakers

Try using your phone with a headset to see if the problem is your speakers. If the headset works, your speakers are faulty. See the Speaker Installation Page

Bad audio jack

If your audio works through your speakers but not with headsets, the most likely cause is a faulty audio jack. You may need to replace this part.

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My Motorola w755 suddenly doesn't recognize the battery's in. It was fine at bedtime & in the am it only works plugged in. This is the 2nd Motorola phone to do this to me. Am I doing something? One guy said to reset the phone to factory default, but I don't know how & don't want to erase the Verizon programming as it'd be worthless.

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