Nintendo Game Boy Micro Troubleshooting

Screen Problems ¶ 

Cracked screen ¶ 

The Game Boy Micro uses an interchangeable faceplate with a plastic window that lies over the LCD screen of the system. If the LCD is intact, and only the plastic cover is broken, your system does not have to be sent to Nintendo Customer Service for repair. The Game Boy Micro comes with two extra faceplates that can be used. Unfortunately Nintendo has discontinued selling replacement faceplates.

Lines on the screen while playing a game ¶ 

If lines appear on the screen during game play, it is likely that the components which create an image are damaged. This can happen if there was an impact to the Game Boy Micro's screen, such as being dropped or hit. If the screen is displaying these lines through the game's image, you will need to have the unit repaired. Nintendo's warranty does not cover physical damage (any damage caused by the Game Boy being dropped or hit). If your Game Boy needs repair/replacement due to physical damage, and your warranty is still in effect, call Nintendo's Consumer Service department at 1-800-255-3700 to discuss available repair options.

Scratches on the screen ¶ 

Similar to a cracked screen, the easiest way to fix the problem is by replacing the clear plastic faceplate cover. However if the scratches are on the LCD screen it will have to be replaced. According to Nintendo any damage on the LCD screen is considered physical damage and is not covered by warranty. You may call customer service (1-800-255-3700) to inquire about fixing the Game Boy.

Screen is dark ¶ 

If the screen of the Game Boy Micro is dark a simple fix may be changing the screen's brightness. To do so, hold the "L Button" located on the top left edge of the Game Boy and press the "Volume/Brightness" switch up or down until the image is visible. Also if you're playing the Game Boy in the sun, try reducing the screen's brightness. If neither of these quick fixes do not work the Game Boy will need repair. You may call Nintendo customer service to determine available options for repair.

Game Problems ¶ 

Game won't start ¶ 

Only Game Boy Advance games will play on the Game Boy Micro. Original Game Boy, Game Boy pocket, and Game Boy Color games will not play. Check to make sure that the Game Pak is fully inserted. Turn off the Game Boy and inspect the Game Pak for debris. Insert the cartridge with the game logo facing away from the screen, and push the cartridge in until it clicks into place.

Battery Problems ¶ 

Start and Select buttons remain red ¶ 

The Start and Select buttons appear red when the system is running low on power. Charge the unit fully before use, especially if screen brightness or volume is turned all the way up. The Start and Select button LED indicators will appear blue when the device is fully charged. If the LEDs still appear red after charging for 2 1/2 hours, try a different AC Adapter to see if the problem is with the adapter.

Start and Select buttons won't display ¶ 

If the battery is already charged, the LEDs will not display when the device is plugged into the AC Adapter. Play a game without using the AC Adapter for at least 10-15 minutes, then plug in the AC Adapter to test if the lights appear. Plug in another electrical device into the outlet to see if the problem is with the outlet.

Charge doesn't last as long as it should ¶ 

The battery should hold a charge for approximately 10 hours. If the battery begins to die quickly, then the battery may be reaching the end of its lifecycle (about 500 charges). Check for signs of physical damage to the AC Adapter (split or exposed wires, broken plastic case, etc.) If there is no damage, replace the battery. Disconnect the AC Adapter from the wall and check how quickly the power turns off. This will determine if the problem is caused by the rechargeable battery or something internal with the Game Boy micro itself.

Sound Problems ¶ 

Sound quality is bad for one game ¶ 

If a sound quality problem occurs with only one game, refer to Nintendo's list of specific games which have common problems on the Game Boy Micro here.

There is no sound coming from the Game Boy ¶ 

Try adjusting the Game Boy's volume. On the left edge of the device press up on the "Volume/Brightness" switch until the volume is at the level you want.

Headphones won't work ¶ 

Make sure the headphone jack is completely plugged into the Game Boy Micro's headphone port. Your headphone jack should "click" into place. If sound continues coming out of the Micro's speaker, try a different set of headphones. If the second set of headphones doesn't work there may be a problem with the Game Boy that requires repairing.

Button Problems ¶ 

Sticky buttons ¶ 

If the buttons stick down after being pressed, make sure they are clean and there is no dirt or particles in the faceplate-hole that the buttons passes through. If the problem persists the buttons may be broken or unusable. In this case, they will need to be replaced.

Notes ¶ 

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I have been charging my gameboy for 3hours now and it won't turn on.

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Hi, I've been having a problem with the power switch it's a bit loose and if I even move the GB it just turns off, any suggestions?

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I’m having the same issue, any answers?

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