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Marketing repair parts as OEM that are not OEM is fraud. Certain companies have successfully taken legal action against repair shops that claim they use OEM parts.

Understanding what "OEM" means is critical when sourcing repair parts.

Example: Apple Inc. doesn't manufacture their own devices. Apple devices are built and assembled overseas. Apple Inc., then, is the OEM Reseller and the primary manufacturers are the OEMs.

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The disclaimer on the iPad states that Apple is the designer and distributor. The OEMs are anonymous.

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so how can i get the same or higher quality part from China. or even here in America…. ii aam sure the factory is selling the parts even after not being contracted by Apple but how to find them.

mohammed elrufaie - Ответить

We understand wanting to source the best possible replacements for your device. Some companies like Apple doesn't like to sell their OEM parts to just anyone, so they are extremely hard to find.  Our parts are brand new, fully tested, and are held to higher standards, specifically iFixit Quality. Most of our parts also come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Cooper Morrell -

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