Panasonic Lumix DMC-F7

No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to turn on.

Check the battery and the AC adapter connection and make sure they are connected in their place.

Make sure to use a battery that has been sufficiently charged.

Make sure the REC/power switch is slide all the way open.

Charge the batter or replace it with a charged one.

This could happen if you carry the digital camera from a cold place to a warm place. The condensation from inside the camera could keep it from turning on. Wait until the condensation disappears and then turn the camera on.

The camera can take pictures, but the images are not saving.

Place the memory card inside the camera.

Check the capacity of the memory card. You can delete some images or videos.

Make sure the REC/power switch is slide all the way to the end.

The camera is on, but nothing is showing on the LCD monitor

Press the [DISPLAY] button to turn the monitor on. The [DISPLAY] button is next to the LCD monitor.

The monitor is displaying an image, but the image is too dark or too bright to see.

Change the brightness until it is easy to see the images on the LCD monitor.

The camera is on, but the flash does not light.

You can go the menu and change the flash mode to AUTO or ON.

No matter what you do, you can't play the image back.

Make sure that the memory card is inside the camera and placed correctly.

Make sure that there is an image in the memory card. You can connect the camera to your computer and check if there is an image in memory card.

Check the playback/power switch is slided to the right.

The settings are not memorized after turning the power off.

Check to see if the memory card is in the camera.

1. Press the [MENU] button.

2. Select [SETUP] and the setup menu will be displayed.

3. Select [MEMORY] and choose to be [ON].

4. Press the [MENU] button twice to make the menu disappear.

No matter what you press the LCD monitor will not turn off.

[D.ZOOM] may be set to [ON]

When connecting the camera to a TV the image on the camera is not showing up on the TV.

1. Check if the camera is connected to the TV correctly.

2. Set the TV to video input mode.

The images from the camera are not transferring to a PC.

Check if the camera is correctly connected with the PC.

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