No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to turn on.

Check the battery and the AC adapter connection and that the wires are properly connected.

Make sure to use a battery that has been charged enough to power the camera. If the battery does not have enough energy stored or if you are unsure, plug the camera into its charger and let it charge for a few hours or until it is fully charged before use.

No matter what you do, the camera won't stay on.

The battery may have not properly charged. Charge the battery or consider replacing it with a charged one. For help with battery installation, refer to our battery installation guide.

The camera can take pictures, but the images are not saving.

Check the memory card compartment to see if there is a memory card inserted. If not, place a memory card inside the proper slot in the camera.

Check the capacity of the memory card. If the memory card is full, consider replacing it with an empty one. Deleting pictures/video from the memory card can free up space. You can delete pictures from the memory card by manually deleting them on camera or by inserting the card into a card-reader and deleting them through your computer.

Make sure the camera is in the right mode to take and record pictures.

The camera is on, but nothing is showing on the LCD monitor.

Press the [DISPLAY] button to turn the monitor on. The [DISPLAY] button is next to the LCD monitor near the bottom right corner.

Check the LCD screen for any visible cracks. The screen may be broken and need a replacement. For help with LCD screen installation, refer to our LCD screen installation guide.

The monitor is displaying an image, but the image is too dark or too bright to see.

Under camera settings, adjust the brightness of the LCD monitor until it is to your liking.

The camera is on, but the flash does not light.

You can go the menu and change the flash mode to AUTO or ON.

No matter what you do, you can't play the image back.

Make sure that the memory card is inside the camera and placed in the proper slot.

Make sure that there are images on the memory card to view. You can connect the camera to your computer and check if there are images on the memory card.

The settings are not memorized after turning the power off.

Check to see if the memory card is in the camera.

1. Press the [MENU] button.

2. Select [SETUP] and the setup menu will be displayed.

3. Select [MEMORY] and choose to be [ON].

4. Press the [MENU] button twice to make the menu disappear.

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on my monitor it looks like a flashlight beam and I cannot see the rest of the screen. Help! How do I get it off this mode?


Cynthia - Ответить

Camera wont take pictures at all. Screen and lens work fine but the shutter button doesnt seem to work.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28

albert einstein - Ответить

I took my camera in to best buy and they said that the internal memory was messed up. None of my pics ever save! I have an SD card but it sill isn't working. I'm am very upset because it broke two weeks after I bought it ,while I was on vacation in Argentina. Please someone tell me what needs to be done!

Anne smith - Ответить

I keep getting an error message that the memory card is locked. I’ve tried locking and unlocking the slide on the side various SD cards and inserting them - same error message. The camera is worthless unless this is resolved.

Don Ballantyne - Ответить

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