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Repair Manifesto Translation, Dutch

Making the text more clear and smooth

This is a translation of the Repair Manifesto

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Nice attempt, but it looked a bit too much like a first draft. Did a substantial rewrite.

Ulanthe - Ответить

Thanks! I have no idea what I put in there, glad you do ;)

Chris Cline -

The line "Repareren bevorderd" needs to be "Repareren bevordert".

"Beschikbare reserveonderdelen AAN redelijke prijzen" is pretty much Flemmish and not generic Dutch. AAN should be replaced by "voor" or "met"

The line "Repareren leert technische vaardigheden" will sound better if it says "Repareren brengt technische vaardigheden". Leren is the consuming part connected to teaching, and not well suited as the knowledge transferring activity in this case.

Blkksss - Ответить

Existing translation was already quite good. I tried to improve a bit here and there. Thanks to all that did work on this before!

Marius Opsomer - Ответить

"zelf om het even welk onderdeel te vervangen" <> "to replace any & all consumables ourselves" , because "onderdeel" means "part".

"consumables" can better be translated as "verbruiksonderdelen" which means "consumable parts" or "verbruiksartikelen" which means "consumable articles".

Paul - Ответить

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