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order form for Mac book pro

angelo - Ответить

how to order

mid 2012 {retina battery for MacBook Pro

angelo -

To order a repair kit from a guide click on the part you want from the guide’s “Parts” section—located above Step 1 of the guide. There is also a “Buy These Parts” link you can use if there are several listed products on the guide, and you wish to purchase all the things. You can also browse our store for other parts and tools: https://www.ifixit.com/Store

If you run into any more issues, head over to help.ifixit.com. We have US-based customer support that will happily assist you in locating the correct part for your device.

Christopher Fernandes -

Thank you for following into the Apple footstep and also including plenty of adhesive tape on a repair kit. Really? Do you think the battery will fall out if you just put there some discrete adhesive pads?

crus - Ответить

I don’t see a link for my Late 2016 MacBookPro, 13”. Is the battery not glued down on this model?

rofred - Ответить

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